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A. We do not offer legal advice, and we do not have any legal powers; we just guide you to how to deal with risks of persecution because of your belief, opinion or gender, and will try to struggle for you.

B. It is not our job to help victims of war disasters, stateless people, or humanitarian asylum seekers, and others. We are here to give a ‘FIRST AID’ for the activists defending rights and freedoms, journalists, and prisoners imprisoned for their political and religious views.


When a political activist is in immediate danger, we issue an urgent global warning to our human rights soldiers around the world to fight for him. We provide ‘FIRST AID’ and immediate and temporary care In order to make him in a position of safety.

We can also help those in constant fear of arbitrary detention, who believe they have received a red notice from INTERPOL, even though their cases are political in nature and do not meet INTERPOL’s regulations.

This program breaks restrictions on human rights activists monitoring violations in their home countries and crosses the threat and targeting barriers which affect human rights workers, victims and their relatives because of their contact with international human rights bodies.

SOS’ is a program supervised by a qualified team in these procedures team to deal with its violations against victims.