[Weekly] London UHO Meetup!

Welcome to a new event of the London UHO Meetup!

On this event, we are going to discuss the future meetup topics for 2019!
Please join us!

We welcome human rights activists and who interest to be, it does not matter what is your religion, nationality, race, and faith, you are welcome to join us!

The main goal of this meetup is to meet new local people and learn from each other.

What are we doing at this event?
This is the agenda, please do not be late so we can start on time.

18:15 – Open doors for the event.
18:30 – Welcome to everyone and start of the event.

Meetup Topics:
We will talk about the new year, what can we do to improve the meetup and what topics are people interested in.
Please come to give your opinion and help us to create the best meetup for you.

19:15 – A little of free time to chat and know each other. Also, a good time to grab snacks (or not).
19:45 – Human rights News from last month. We will comment on the latest news about human rights. Bring your questions to the table and we will try to answer them.
21:00 – Social. Have another snack (or not) and stay as long as you want 😉

Want to help?
There are too many ways to be involved in the group, you do not need to be an expert on anything.
Please visit our website to learn how you can collaborate with the local UHO community:

See you there!


When? Every Satarday, at 18:30 until late.
Where? London, Maida Vale (info@uhorg.com)



We have made a list of things that you could do to help, but if you have another idea, just let us know.


Attending is the simplest way to collaborate.


Take photos of the events with your camera.


Teach, share your project and examples with others.


Please tell us what we are doing wrong so we can improve.


It would be great to get recording of the talks.


Tell everyone about us, online and offline. Bring your friends.


Write your point of view of the meetup for others to read.


Help to run the events and to organise new ones.


Help us to manage the social media accounts, suggest posts or join the team.